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Mariah Warden

Mariah Warden, LSCSW, LCAC

ADHD Life Coach


I am a Clinical Social Worker and an owner of NorthStar Therapy. I am a play therapist and help children to resolve their emotional struggles utilizing a psychotherapy technique, Play Therapy.

I have been working with children, adolescents, and adults with various life challenges; anxiety/depression, behavioral and emotional issues in children/teens, relationship issues and family conflicts, to name a few.  I enjoy very much working with adults and families as well to provide them with helpful tools to make the changes they want.

Over the years, I developed a great passion for working with children/teens and adults with ADHD. From firsthand, I understand various challenges that undiagnosed/untreated ADHD can bring to the child/teen, adult and their family. I provide individually tailored interventions and strategies that will help individuals and families to overcome struggles related to ADHD.

I am also a Prepare/Enrich counselor. I provide relationship assessment and skill-building tools for premarital couples as well as married couples.

For a free initial consultation, please contact Mariah at 316-260-1127 or contact us